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What is the television | information of television

 Television ( Tv ) Introduction

   When smartphones and the internet came into the market television consumption was declining. Now movies were coming on mobile phones and the internet before television.

That's the reason television shows have been TRPs declining over the years. People have seen news updates and education on television.


Television uses earlier declined But still, the TRPs of many channels are in the crores. Most people's preferences are watching movies on the big screen such as the TV theatre.

What is television

Television it's entertainment, news and more about giving information all over the world at your home as well as giving knowledge through different videos.

 "Television is one of the telecommunications mediums to be seen and Used in transmission with the sound of pictures and videos".

  Television plays an important role to provide information regarding news, sports and various education knowledge. 

When was the invention of the radio, that time was talk of the invention of television?

The technology of television?

 Every year, new research is done on television at a time television is invented with new technology because it provides a high-quality experience to the customer.

Advantages of Television

  1. Television provides knowledge to all over the world and also information about what is happening in the world

  1. The television information is understood very effectively. That's the reason those things are easily memorable.

  1. Television is the best way for entertainment. Such as watching movies, reality shows, serials etc. Also, television helps to entertain those who alleviate depression or mentally suffering patients.

  1. Television is the best way to enjoy and also when you relax at times and pass the time while at home.

  1. Television has increased the popularity of the sport and various games in the whole world.

  1. Television also provides information about various government announcements.

  1. When parents are busy they work then at this time children watch various cartoons such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Pogo etc.

Information Television

If you see all over the world, There will be very to a lesser extent homes that do not have a television. Some homes have more than one TV. Frome 1830 start again and again developing television.

  1. In 1907 established the word television in the dictionary.

  1. From 1924 the first photograph was moved by John Brad on the television.

  1. In 1933 a weekly program was available on the television. 

  1. From 1956 Robert Adler made the first remote control for the television.

  1. In the 1990 lot of changes in television. At that time television size and quality was changed into a good quality picture. And also that time technology was changed into LCDs and plasma.

  1. Nowadays tv has changed into a smart TV.  Ultra UHD, 4K, 3D, LCD / LED TVs and also tv was not only for entertainment but also for computing and connectivity such as wifi connection, Internet.

How was the television invented?


When the invention of the radio was invented, scientists and scholars started imagining television.

scientists have always thought about 

 The pictures were made together in various codes and also quickly changed, it made a moving picture on the television.

Those pictures on the television will look like real life. Overall, photographs can be made into videos this way.

Type of television 

  1. Direct view of television 

  2. Plasma Display Panels of television

  3. Digital Light Processing (DLP) of television

  4. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) of television.

  5.  Television types of Quantum Light-Emitting Diode (QLED)

Best brand of television in the world 

  1. Samsung TV

  2. LG Television

  3. Sony TV

  4. Vizio TV

  5. TCL Television

  6. Oneplus 

  7. MI Tv

What is LCD Television 

In the television industry nowadays new technology comes into the market again and again.

Previously some of the year's LCD Tv was a new technology brand in the market But a lot of tv changes were made to keep the market going.

LCD TV Means that simple Light crystal display which was invented in 2007 is popular. In LCD TVs COFFL produces colour for pictures filters. Then shown videos on the televisions.

What is LED Television 

Full form of LED Tv light-emitting diode. The pattern of LCD  and LED Tv was the same but Workstyle was different.

LED tv Instead of illuminating with fluorescent bulbs, they light with diodes that remove the light.

What is OLED TVs

OLED TVs entry in the market 2013. This tv all was the whole black that's the reason lauded  OLED TVs. But OLED TVs are not competing with LED TVs. as well as OLED TVs and LED tv price more difference between them.


What is television

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